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Friends of The Amazon Jungle

Enjoy a boat cruise through the mystery and history of The Mighty Amazon River and discover a sublime diversity of plants and animals in various landscapes and ecosystems. Our night excursions cater to the bravest of hearts as we hike and canoe amidst the nocturnal sounds and spot fishing bats, incredible insects and glimpse into the world of Black Amazon Caimans. Our hikes and endeavours will lead us to such nocturnal creatures as Tarantulas, Amazon Whip-Scorpions, Giant and Glow-In-The-Dark frogs and Kaleidoscopic snakes.

Featured Tours

Island of the monkeys day adventure

Explore the 450 hectare sanctuary and a plethora of Amazon monkey species. Play and feed the monkeys, swim in the Amazon and indulge in a savoury local lunch snack and a possibility of spending a night or two with the local indigenous tribes- at a fractional addition in price. 

$125.00 per person/day

Amazon River Day Cruise

Enjoy a day on the voluptuous river, whilst sunbathing on the bow, or taking a dip with the Pink Dolphins. We'll discover the river's prominent power, flowers profusely blooming along its' embankments, small mammals, butterflies basking in its' beauty. The day's endeavour will lead us to enigmatic lagoons, Bio Parks and Nature Reserves as we link up with the notorious Nanay River and its' famous blackwater with one of the largest abundances of fish richness species anywhere in the Amazon. We will end the day with a traditional dinner on one of the nearby floating restaurants.

$95.00 per person/day

The Grand Amazon Adventure

The 7 Day immersion into the deep heart of the Amazon Rainforest will leave lasting memories. We'll venture into The Garden of Peru via the immense Amazon River, it's tributaries and branch off into its' quiet and serene Eden of Water alleyways, lagoons and crystal swamps we trek through on local Living off the indigenous land is the call for the week. We'll camp in villages with indigenous locals, mingle with the ecosystem's flora, fauna and encounter native species of mammal, morsel and reptile. The hikes we ascend on are truly epic and the the ecosystem around us allows us to spot, detect and discover natural healing and nourishing capabilities of the PachaMama.

$975.00 per person/ 8 days and 7 nights

YAGUAS Tribe Day Tours

Come and explore the ancient basic beliefs of the Yagua People, experience their very best in the business knowledge of the flora and the fauna of their beautiful and beloved Rainforest. Learn about the hand made artefacts, what they mean and symbolise. Eat with them and enrich yourself with their culinary delights. Dance the customary Tribal spiritual cleansing dance. 

*Of course, prices for groups can significantly vary as to the size of the group. Please enquire about group discounts, savings and budgets upon arrival.


$75.00 per person/day